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The vibrant voices of Fresh Art take on new life in our Research Guide series. Perfect for classrooms, remote teaching, or solo learning, these guides explore relevant and timely themes in contemporary creativity. Animated by the original conversations of the Fresh Art podcast, this richly-illustrated series fuses active listening, visual engagement, and cultural literacy. Creative activities, discussion questions, and reading lists invite users to dive deep into our featured topics.


  • Learn about the background and art historical context of the Fresh Voices featured in our conversation.

  • Take note of other concepts, people, and institutions that we introduce.

  • Dive into a rich conversation between Fresh Art Founder Cathy Byrd and creatives from around the globe.

  • Dig deeper with thoughtfully curated reading lists of quality content from across the internet.

  • Spark discussion with provocative questions that challenge assumptions and elicit creative solutions.

  • Reflect and write on prompts that invite users to connect Guide content with their own background, history, and experience.

  • Make it your own with creative projects for groups and individuals that synthesize Guide themes with original artistic expression.

  • Get inspired by other international students and makers who are using art to make change, raise awareness, and express their identities.

Issue 1 / New Centers of Critical Gravity:
Art Biennials in North America

Originally published 2015 and refreshed in 2020, this issue includes conversations with curators, artists, and communities involved in contemporary art biennials in Santa Fe, New Orleans, and Montreal. Join us to consider the future of biennial-style exhibitions.

Featured Voices
Andrea Bowers, Chas Jamison Banks, Sylvie Fortin, Gianfranco Foschino, Remy Jungerman, Irene Hofmann, Glenda León, Jillian Mayer, Jason Middlebrook, Gary Simmons, Franklin Sirmans, Melanie Smith, Tavares Strachan, Margaret Thomas

Issue 2 / Site Sensitive: Contemporary Art With a Sense of Place

Contemporary artists and curators reveal how context influences content in international projects featuring photography, video, installation, sound, and performance.

Featured Voices
Janet Biggs, Tania Bruguera, Louis Grachos, Sarah Hobbs, Joan Jonas, Jason Moran, Tameka Norris, Adam Schreiber, Stephen Vitiello, Agustina Woodgate

Issue 3 / Spatial Interventions: Experimental Projects in the Public Sphere

Contemporary artists, curators, architects, and filmmakers talk about projects that transform the individual experience of communities, institutions, and environments around the world.

Featured Voices
Cesar Cornejo, Joanna Malinowska, Mary Mattingly, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Sarah Oppenheimer, William Pope.L, Helena Reckitt, Jack Sanders, Marinella Senatore, Scott Stulen and Katie Hill, Naama Tsabar and Mindy Abovitz

Issue 4 / Creating Connections: Sparking Engagement

In São Paulo, Lyon, North Adams, Chicago, and Richmond, the works and exhibitions in Issue 4 invite you to consider how artists and curators pose enduring questions about the meaning of art as a social practice.

Featured Voices
Jochen Volz, William Pope.L, Anawana Haloba, Donna Kukama, Rick Lowe, Susan Cross, James Voorhies, Stephanie Smith, Theaster Gates, Allison Knowles, Marinella Senatore

Issue 5 / The Art of Capitalism

Online, in museums, galleries, and out on the streets, we consider the relationship between art and global capitalism.

Featured Voices
Occupy Museums, The Tower of David, The Bank Job, Museums of Capitalism in Oakland, California, Berlin and Brussels, Reverend Billy, Stop Shopping Choir

Issue 6 / Where Art Meets Activism

In 2020, artists are highly visible on cultural and literal frontlines at protests and rallies. This year, the latest police killings of unarmed Black civilians, the COVID-19 epidemic, and the divisive presidential election have thrown into sharp relief the engrained systemic social, legal, employment, education, and health care inequities that persist in this country. During this fraught moment, we look to creative activists around the world for inspiration. Their work is not only relevant, but also vital to causes with evolving urgency. Based on the original 45-minute podcast episode “Where Art Meets Activism” (published 2018).

Featured Voices
Ralph Rugoff, Catherine Morris, Andrea Bowers, Tania Bruguera, Maria Alyokhina

Issue 7 / Black in America

The perspectives of Black artists and curators brought together in this research guide are as varied and complicated as the Black experience in the United States. With consulting curator Allison Glenn, we illuminate the histories, issues, and ideas they voiced in our 2018 episode Black in America. The issue expands learning opportunities with a timeline of landmark exhibitions and a select bibliography.

Featured Voices
Sanford Biggers, Theaster Gates, Thelma Golden, Fahamu Pecou, Jefferson Pinder, Johanne Rahaman, Deborah Roberts, Amy Sherald, Hamza Walker

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