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Contemporary Art, Activism, Curating in the Digital Realm, Architecture, Feminism, Sustainability and the Environment, Race and Social Justice, Film, Technology, Sports, North America, the Caribbean, South America, West Africa, South Africa, Southeast Asia/New Zealand, and so much more.


Cathy Byrd
Founder & Artistic Director

Cathy Byrd is a globally engaged curator, educator, podcaster and writer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of contemporary art. Her writing appears in the Miami Rail, Art Papers, Art in America, and Sculpture Magazine, among other publications. Race and gender, the economy, the environment, global migration and technology are among issues and ideas she brings to the world’s attention through her hybrid practice.

In 2011, Cathy launched Fresh Art International, an arts media platform at the intersection of digital media, sound art and social practice. The roving audio podcast engages at the center and fringe of art scenes across seven continents. Fresh Art is known for making contemporary art and culture accessible through podcasting. Cathy sparks conversations with today’s emerging and established artists, curators, writers, designers and filmmakers at the center and fringe of creative communities, to witness, document and archive the diverse perspectives, voices and sounds of our complex cultural landscape.

Cathy is based in Miami Beach, Florida where she is an adjunct professor at the University of Miami. In Spring 2020, she designed and taught the first-ever art and culture podcasting course offered at the University.

Giselle Heraux
Associate Producer

Giselle Heraux is a communications professional with experience working in higher education and non-profit organizations. She has worked with various organizations such as Johnson & Wales University, Zimmerman Advertising, Florida International University (FIU), Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE), Fresh Art International and more. She provides communication support by fine tuning communications, writing, event planning, grant writing, social media engagement, design, and non-profit management skills. Giselle is also an adjunct lecturer at FIU in the Communications department. She received her MS in Mass Communication and BS in Communication with a concentration in journalism from Florida International University.

Jahné King
Associate Producer

Jahné King is an educator, poet, and editor who has over a decade of experience leading and coaching adolescence both nationally and internationally. She is recognized and celebrated as a fervent mentor who uses her love and words to actualize effective change. In the South Florida community, she serves as a youth ministry leader and debate coach in areas experiencing financial hardship while working as an editor for Fresh Art International. Her love for outreach and interest in a sustainable future led her to Pepperdine University where she earned an MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change.

Alyssa Moxley
Sound Editor

Alyssa Moxley makes field recordings, compositions, sound design, live performances, sound installations, and audio programs. She is also a writer and a curator of sound and music events.

Julia Rudo
Director of Communications

Julia Rudo is an experienced communications professional having worked in the visual arts, non-profit, travel, tourism, consumer and technology industries, holding a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the University of Miami and a Master of Letters in History of Art and Art-World Practice from the University of Glasgow. Julia is currently head of communications at The Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach, and teaches as adjunct faculty in the Strategic Communications department at the University of Miami. She joined Fresh Art in 2017 to lead communications, marketing, branding and audience development strategy.

Mary Robnett
Graphic Designer

Mary Robnett is a photographer and visual editor based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An authority in the travel and lifestyle media industry, Mary has previously held editorial positions at Travel + Leisure, Departures, Centurion, and Fodor's Travel. Her work has been published in places such as Time, Yahoo News, Apartment Therapy, and The Huffington Post, and has been exhibited in galleries nationally. She received an MFA in Photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mary is fascinated by the different ways we document and view the world, and relishes the opportunity to transport and inspire readers through visual storytelling.

Sarah Rovang
Publications Editor

Sarah Rovang is an architectural historian, writer, and educator in Santa Fe. Born and raised in New Mexico, she returned to the state after finishing her PhD at Brown University, teaching for several years at the University of Michigan, and conducting research around the world as the Society of Architectural Historians’ H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow. She currently serves as the Program Officer for the Thoma Art Foundation. In 2014, she met Cathy Byrd in Miami and has been a part of Team Fresh since 2015.



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